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Google Cloud

PMTiles can be served from a Cloud Run container using the go-pmtiles Docker image.

Cloud Storage

Service Account

Creating a Cloud Run container

  1. In the Cloud Run console, choose Create Service.

  2. Choose Deploy one revision from an existing container image.

  3. Specify the Container image URL protomaps/go-pmtiles:latest.

  4. Choose a descriptive Service name like protomaps-demo.

  5. Select the same Region as your Cloud Storage bucket.

  6. Select Allow unauthenticated invocations.

  7. For CPU Allocation Service Autoscaling, leave the defaults (only allocated during processing + 0 minimum instances).

  8. Under Container(s), Volumes, Networking, Security:

  9. Leave the default container port (8080).

  10. Leave the container command blank (default entry point)

  11. Specify the arguments: serve . --bucket=gs://BUCKET --cache-size=500 --public-url= replacing BUCKET with the name of your bucket and with your custom domain.

  12. Set Memory to 1 GiB.

  13. Change Execution Environment to 2nd Generation.

  14. Set Maximum Number of Instances to 1.

An open source mapping system released under the BSD and ODbL licenses.