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Cost Calculator

Estimate the total cost of a CDN deployment, and compare to hosted basemap providers.


monthly tile requests
625,000 monthly map viewer sessions
(one viewing session loads tiles)
1,000 GB outgoing bandwidth to Internet
(average tile size kilobytes)
CDN cache hit rate
gigabytes on cloud storage

Google Maps

3640.00 USD per month
(Reference: SKU: Dynamic Maps)

Hosted Map API

1875.00 USD per month
( USD per 1,000 sessions)

Protomaps on AWS

119.56 USD per month
Show cost breakdown
ResourceUnit CostMultiplierUnitsCost
CloudFront GET Requests 0.009 / 10,000 (estimated) 10,000,0009.00
CloudFront Bandwidth to Internet 0.10 / GB (estimated) 1,000 GB100.00
Lambda Function Invocations 0.60 / 1,000,000 0.5 (50% cache hit rate) 5,000,0001.00
Lambda Compute 0.0000000067 / 1ms 0.5 (50% cache hit rate) * 4 (512 MB RAM, avg. 200 ms duration) 25,000,0005.02
S3 Bandwidth to CloudFront 0.00 500.00 GB0.00
S3 GetObject Requests 0.0004 / 1000 0.55,000,0002.00
S3 Storage Costs 0.023 / GB 110 GB2.53

Protomaps on Cloudflare

13.30 USD per month
Show cost breakdown
ResourceUnit CostMultiplierUnitsCost
Workers Invocations 0.50 / million 10,000,0005.00
Workers Paid Plan 5.00 5.00
Bandwidth0.001000 GB0.00
R2 GetObject Requests0.36 / million0.5 (50% cache hit rate) 5,000,0001.80
R2 Storage Costs0.015 / GB110 GB1.65


  • Reflects only public pricing from Google and other providers, volume pricing requires contacting sales.
  • Does not include any free tiers or monthly credit, since those resources may be consumed by other services in your account.
  • All calculations are open source on GitHub.

An open source mapping system released under the BSD and ODbL licenses.