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Basemap Downloads


The Protomaps Basemap is a general purpose vector base map - city labels, roads, water features and other essential location context derived from OpenStreetMap. It's available as a single PMTiles archive, distributed as an Open Database License Produced Work (OpenStreetMap attribution required)

A full planet file is roughly 120 gigabytes, including zoom levels from 0 to 15.

Please note that URLs may change and hotlinking to these downloads are discouraged. Instead, you should copy the tileset to your own Cloud Storage.

Current Version

The Version 3 Protomaps basemap daily build channel is available at

A mirror in the AWS us-west-2 is available on Source Cooperative (beta) at the protomaps/openstreetmap repository. This mirrors the most recent daily build only.

Partial Downloads

To download a cutout of a specific region, rather than the entire world map, see the CLI's extract command.

If you don't need all 16 zoom levels of detail, use the --maxzoom option of pmtiles extract. Each additional zoom level roughly doubles the size of the file.

Previous Version

The version 2 basemap is protomaps-basemap-opensource-20230408.pmtiles

An open source mapping system released under the BSD and ODbL licenses.